Certified Medical Interpreters for Accurate Medical Interpretation

Our certified interpreters provide the most accurate medical interpretation for consent, explanation and to give instructions to non-English speaking patients to meet legal and ethical requirements. Thus they bridge the language barrier between doctors and patients in the course of communicating crucial medical information. To meet the occasional interpretational requirements of hospitals, California Translation International offers professionally trained medical interpreters.

A medical interpreter serves as an important link between a patient and a doctor to bridge language barriers, fulfilling the translation requirements of physicians and other medical personnel. Physicians can now better understand their patients and expand their services to a global level by utilizing medical interpreters. Moreover, a medical interpreter can help the physician’s malpractice liability and risk. Enabling physicians to understand patients in a better way by bridging the language gap between them will gradually reduce the medical mistakes that happen quite frequently.

As medical interpreters play such a significant role for physicians as well as patients, they must be fluent in at least two languages, normally English and one other language. They should have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology along with good communication skills. With CTI, you will get well trained and experienced certified medical interpreters.

The work area of medical interpreters is usually the exam room with the patient. It is necessary that the patient must become comfortable discussing sensitive or personal issues with the medical interpreter present. In turn the medical interpreter will explain the physical and medical information given by the patient to the physician along with the reason for the patient’s visit. By providing professionally trained medical interpreters, CTI focuses on enhancing the level of the communication and understanding in a hospital environment.

Send us the details regarding your medical interpretational needs and we will get back to you within 24 hours. CTI guarantees complete confidentiality of its customer’s information.