Medical Translators

Medicines are universal, but languages are not. For an accurate and complete translation of original medical documents it is essential to have good understanding of medical terms, concepts and terminologies. Thus the occupation of a medical translator carries with it tremendous responsibility and trust. 

Medical Translator vs. Medical Interpreters

There is a common tendency of using the terms, medical translator and medical interpreter, interchangeably. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has clearly differentiated the job role of a medical translator as someone who specializes in translating written documents like patient records or other medical legal documents; whereas, a medical interpreter is typically hired to establish verbal communication between a doctor and a patient.
California Translation International is one of the few medical translation companies that provide guaranteed high-quality medical translation services. We have a team of highly trained medical translators with medical, clinical and scientific backgrounds who are fully acquainted with different medical jargons. 

Pre-requisites of a Good Medical Translator

  • Just knowing a foreign language alone is not enough to become a good medical translator. For complete medical translation, a thorough understanding of medical documents and texts is essential before going on to translating them. A medical translator necessarily should be an expert in the field to avoid a disaster in translation.
  • Besides being a competent linguist, it is desirable that medical translators must also have certificates, accreditations and degrees in particular medical fields. There is no room for error when the focus is on the patient’s well-being and health.

At California Translation International, all medical translation projects are managed by our expert team of linguists specialized in medical translation for various life science disciplines. Our medical translators help in translating

  • Patient information
  • medical records
  • Patient consent forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patient questionnaires and leaflets
  • Patient case reports

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