Interpretation services from Certified Interpreters- CTI

Conference Interpreters
Conference interpreters act as a cross-cultural link, facilitating multilingual communication. Conference interpretation is used during meetings where more than one language is spoken and is used to communicate the message of the speakers from one language to another. Our professional conference interpreters ensure that every participant, irrespective of his or her knowledge of the language of the speaker, understands the message.

Special education interpreters
California Translation International has dedicated special education interpreters who interpret verbal classroom discussions and lectures for disabled students in classrooms. They provide all classroom support functions and also voice the disabled students’ comments, responses, and questions to the instructor. Special education interpreters also serve as the communication link between the hearing impaired and those with normal hearing faculties in school settings. CTI has highly qualified special education interpreters to fulfill the gap created by the scarcity of people who provide this critical service.

Community meeting interpreters
Our multi-lingual interpreters provide interpretation services during community meetings that may be held in different languages. Please refer our languages section to view our list of over 100 languages in which we offer community interpretation services.

Medical interpreters
California Translation International meets the interpretation needs of hospitals, in a growing multi-cultural society, to meet their occasional demand for medical interpreters. Our certified interpreters provide the most accurate medical interpretation for consent, explanation and to give instructions to non-English speaking patients to meet legal and ethical requirements. Thus they bridge the language barrier between doctors and patients in the course of communicating crucial medical information.