CTI Translation Process for delivering Expert Document Translations

For over 20 years, we have been providing Expert Translation Services in California, Concord, San Francisco and other regions, covering an extensive spectrum of multilingual projects, from birth certificates to highly complex technical manuals. We ensure your satisfaction by following these crucial steps for each and every translation project:

  • Pre-production – This is our pre-translation analysis phase. The project manager will analyze each project and devise a unique strategy to ensure consistent use of terminology, style, etc throughout your document. This may include using specialized glossaries, translation memory, style guides, or more. The program manager then assigns the project to the professional linguist who can best translate your document.

  • Production – During this phase the document is translated by the primary linguist and then proofread and edited by a second linguist. Although all layouts are normally done in-house, please note that CTI has on call expert desktop publishers to work on any specialized layout needs.
  • Post-production – It is in the post-production phase that the document is sent back to the client for review. Our linguists work with your linguists to ensure your 100% satisfaction , and any ensuing changes are included in the price quoted to you at the beginning of the project. Please note however that any further changes would be at an additional cost.

Our services include transcription into Braille.

Translator Recruitment And Experience

California Translation International (CTI) uses only top notch, highly qualified translators. These translators, whom we have worked with for many years, were selected by us because they met the following requirements:

  • A Degree/Certificate received upon completion of an accredited academic training program in Translation.
  • Accreditation/Certification by a recognized organization: American Translator Association (ATA), Northern California Translator Association (NCTA), etc.
  • Several years of experience working in the fields of Employment, and Human services
  • Native level proficiency in the target language and an excellent understanding of English.

All translators and interpreters are required to provide CTI management with evidence of their qualifications.